Thank you. Stop with the money already…

Things have been great, and keep getting better. If you ever have the choice to tangle with cancer, choose to avoid it(sarcasm). It’s a costly endeavor. The most costly part of my ordeal was the surgery and subsequent stay at the hospital. I don’t recall the original cost, but I had a balance of just under $50k as of Thursday. Until now, I’ve been making monthly payments.


There was a special this week on past buttectomies. The hospital offered to have my balance cut in half if I could cover the balance. Since my penis reduction didn’t take, I think they offered to reduce my bill (sarcasm, people… I shouldn’t have to warn you). As of Friday, thanks to all of you that helped, that monkey is no longer on my back (not the large Johnson, but the large bill). On Thursday I passed off this check, and since I didn’t get a call from the bank, I can assume that it cleared. If my cancer bills were Al Qaeda, we just took out Bin Laden. Thanks to you all. So on this day in April, I declare an end to all hostilities with my cancer bills.


$24,935.28. The last time I wrote a check that big, it was to a Colombian drug lord (this is sarcasm also people). There is still a remaining balance of ~$5700 left over from this and other cancer/treatment related costs. I have been advised to hang onto it “in case” something related arises. Otherwise, my thought is to use this to help other cancer victims with similar financial difficulties. Direct to the source.


I’m so excited to have this behind me (pun intended) cause I never have to talk about cancer again… Ha. I wish! Have a great spring/summer. I will.


Big Love,




  1. Matt, I have followed from the beginning of your ordeal, so glad to hear you have kicked cancer’s ass (pun intended) and the bills are gone! On to bigger and better!

  2. YEAH, BITCHES!!!!

  3. Matt, I am so very happy that you’re doing so well and that so many people helped you get the monetary monkey off your back. You look very happy. Make me smile. <3

  4. Hey little cousin, I have so enjoyed getting to know you again in the social media network :0 !! Your Real personality and laughter and accomplishments have made me grin. I am so glad that this part of your life is going well… And I have to admit I am proud of the person you have become :)
    I know a woman fighting stage 4 breast cancer. she has 2 son’s the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 11. She is fighting with all she has…for them. of course she was given 3-5 years..she is on year 3… but financially this has taken a huge tole To the point she has to make choices between the best medication or the one not as good.. If you find your not in need of the extra money she is perfect to donate too… she has a some of her post’s..she is strong, powerful, real, and fighting for time. She touches lives with her words “realities” her “choosing joy” and living in the moments…. I have wanted to do a fundraiser for her… Matt, I truly have enjoyed your post, video’s…I cant believe the lil fellow I played with grew up to be you :) Love Peggy

  5. Awesome news, Matt! Super happy for you. I hope you do something nice for yourself that has nothing whatsoever to do with cancer. Sorry about that penis reduction, but I guess we all have our crosses to bear. :)

  6. That’s a huge relief and such a load off your mind.Good luck and I hope everything stays clear.

  7. Kathleen Kondziela says:

    Matt: So happy to hear this wonderful news!
    I’ve had many family members die from many different forms of cancer, including my Dad at age 59 from Lung Cancer; my Mom beat Breast Cancer & Skin Cancer, but died from Alzheimers. Congratulations on being a winning Warrior! I love that you managed to retain your sense of humor through it all.
    Much love & clear sailing ahead! Kathy

  8. Shirley Hosegood says:

    CONGRATULATIONS Matt! It is such a relief to be able to say that’s the end! I have had that pleasure once myself after battling Breast Cancer. I’m so happy you have reached this milestone! Go out there and LIVE LARGE!

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