Today was my first day of radiation. It didn’t hurt, but it’s a weird procedure. You get naked, lay down like you’re going to get a massage, but they line you up with three dots they tattooed onto my hip area, and target the area where the tumor was with X-rays, plus I’m hooked up to the chemo pump 24/7. This is gong to suck. I just feel like watching tv and waiting for this to be over. 6 weeks of this. I couldn’t answer a call, an email, look at hospital bills, not a thing today. Have to get out and stay busy.

My cousin came to town last weekend and wore me out. We hiked four days in a row, and skied for the first time this season (which was awesome). My friends Derrick Ray and his wife, Janelle were in Sedona, so we had dinner down there one night and up here in Flag the next night with Chuck and my brother Mike. Derrick gets a bad wrap from his stint on DC7, but he’s a good dude. And Janelle is even better!

Me and Mike

Me and Mike

Me and Mike circa '97

Mike and Me circa ’97

I have a friend named Mike Shuck who died of cancer a few years ago. I didn’t realize how bad his cancer was until he was dead. Never got to see him in person before he passed, although I did talk to him once by phone, and followed him on FB. Next thing I knew, he was gone. I went to his memorial. He had a lot of love and friends and family support. Somehow, I ended up with these buttons, these buttons with his face on them. Now, I find myself walking in his shoes. Someone made a bunch of pins for Ass Aid, and now I’m on this pin. It makes me think about my future. I don’t want to be that guy on the pin. The guy that’s no longer here. He had such promise. I don’t want to be that guy.

So here I am, doing whatever the doctors tell me. What choice do I have? If they told me to eat dehydrated tiger urine cause it cures cancer, I’d eat it everyday. I’ve got too many things to do. I can’t be the guy you all knew who’s only on a pin. This is going to suck. I can tell. But it has to be done.


  1. Cindy Harmer says:

    I never dreamed that when I made these pins..that they would invoke this thought process. They were made to support you, to make people aware of your situation and keep you in everyone’s thoughts and prayers. As your friend, and unable to be there….it was my way of helping. You’re gonna make it through all of this Matt. Because you must not settle for less! Cancer may suck but the alternative is unacceptable! And know this…NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS MATT FAHEY……………You will NEVER be ONLY a guy who was on a pin.
    Your friend Mike was a hero, for he fought a battle no one should ever have to fight. But heroes are no braver than ordinary people, they are just brave for 5 minutes longer than everyone else~ NEVER give up Matt!

  2. Kelley Ziehlke says:

    NEVER GIVE UP!!! Drink the Tiger Piss! LOL

  3. With all you’ve done and experianced in life, with all the peoples lives you’ve touched, with your sense of humor you have assured yourself of the fact that you will NEVER be “just” a guy on a pin Matt Fahey.
    You have family and friends around you in Flag and hundreds if not thousands of us pulling for you that have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but through your talent..and your humor you have touched us and we are all there with you in spirit. We think of you daily & pray for you throughout the day.
    You WILL make it through this, you WILL continue to grace the world with your unique sense of humor, you WILL turn this DUMBASSCANCER into something positive in your life and it’s my firm belief that you WILL help others because of it.
    I am sure they have had you meet with a nutritionist during your treatment but if not please look into meeting with one. Thanks to Gail my kids and I have started juicing and I can tell you it’s made a big difference in the month sine we’ve started it. There is something about the fresh kick of juice from all those fruits and veggies that just help pick you up.
    About Derrick Ray,,,,I liked him on DC7. He stepped into a very ackward situation taking over as captain on the CM after Phils passing. The boys, I think, just weren’t ready to have someone so different from their father running things…that and after seeing Jake bail off the CM the way he did, I think Derrick was right..but that is neither here nor there. I’m glad that you got to spend some time with them while they were visiting AZ.
    Remember you WILL get through this….what other choice do you have right?
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Matt.

  4. I love that picture of you and Shuck… And no pins for me – I’d get a Matt Fahey tattoo

  5. Trish Fahey Turner says:

    My dear Matt,
    There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and pray for you. This is tough going right now but you will come through this. I have enjoyed getting to know you better. I love you. Aunt Trish

  6. Saying many prayers for you Matt.

  7. Malissa Petre says:

    Medical practices can be so humiliating. Before my last surgery I had to undergo a “skin check”. I had to completely strip and have someone look me over from head to toe including my private parts. If I would have had one scratch they would have taken me off the surgery list and made me wait another four to six months for my so called “elective surgery”. I could understand having an open wound or an active infection but this was nothing more than a weeding out process for the over worked surgeons. Some of this crap is so demoralizing and you feel bad enough as it is! I wonder why you have to be naked. Wouldn’t radiation go through material. Maybe they can’t be as precise thru clothes

  8. Christine Bentley says:

    I would like to cancel my monthly donation do to financial situation.

  9. Is this fundraiser still active? Is Matt still alive?

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