Thank You to All of My Supports

Dumb Ass Cancer

My family and friends have surrounded me with so much love and support that it’s like a rugby scrum of love and support. A bevy of friends have volunteered to be my little chemo buddies. Family has come through huge in helping me negotiate the treacherous waters of medical bills.

I am the luckiest man alive!

It’s weird to say, but cancer has taught me some valuable lessons. A lot more people want me around than I ever thought, and the other is that I value me, I love me, and I want me to squeeze a few more decades of fun out of me before me takes the dirt nap.

I know. Sounds like the cheesy punch line the coach inspires the team to victory with during halftime, but this cheese is for real.

A Dumb Ass with Ass Cancer, and Cancer is dumb. Perfect!

Word spread on FaceBook, and in a matter of hours, an army of people were responding and sharing until it snowballed into a cascade of support and a tsunami of love. A surprising amount of donations rolled in from so many from all over.

I’m floored looking at the names and comments. So many people have called, texted, messaged, emailed, and yes, tweeted offering prayers, advice, well-wishes, and help that I’m overwhelmed responding to everyone.

Honored I am to forever be associated with this name. It is amazing how much cancer touches people. Almost everybody I talk to about it has had a friend or relative with it, and as a storyteller, I feel obligated to document my survival arc, the good and the bad, for better and worse, my journey through Cancerland. Maybe, in some way, I can use my craft to inspire, help, or at the very least entertain.

Gratefully Yours,

Matthew Fahey

Big Thanks To:

Salsa Brava for DUMB ASS CANCER day at Salsa Brava – Feb 4th – 10% of sales went to help Matt off set the cost for his cancer treatment.


Fat Olives for DUMB ASS CANCER day at Fat Olives – Feb 11th – 10% of sales went to help Matt off set the cost for his cancer treatment.


Peak Results Fitness for SPARTACUS WORKOUT day at Peak Results Fitness to help our “Gladiator Matt Fahey” – Saturday, March 30th – A 45 minute workout at 8:30am to “Get the body of a Gladiator” was hel. A $10 minimum donation was collected with all proceeds going to help Matt off-set the cost for his cancer treatment. (Downtown Flagstaff, 123 W. Birch, Suite 100)


Its Takes A Village..and Flagstaff is one kick ass village.. spread the word and support Matt on his journey

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