Matt’s Updates

Round Two of Chemo

February 11, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Slowly coming out of my chemo haze. It probably wasn’t so bad this time around, except I caught a cold which kept me confined to quarters for 2+ days.

I’ll probably head over to Fat Olives in a few hours to stuff my little cherub body full of fine Italian food.

One good side effect of chemo: I’m getting really good at Sudoku’s.


My First Day Of Chemo

January 22, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona.

Matt With Chemo Pump

Matt With Chemo Pump

So far so good. Chemo started today. I feel fine.

The side effects don’t start for a couple days. So if you’re concerned, I’m fine. If you’re not concerned, you can rest assured that I’ll have some discomfort in the near future, but probably more like the flu…boring stuff really.

I appreciate all the messages today, and regret that I couldn’t respond to them all (cause I really do want to talk to each and everyone of you.) On that note, let me fill you in.

Yes, it’ll suck.

But I’m betting I’ve had worse. So let’s not dwell on the negatives too long when we talk. That way we can have an efficient, productive, and entertaining chat.

My treatment is divided into three parts.

The first and third parts are identical. So my first eight weeks of treatment are 48 hours of chemo every two weeks for eight weeks (four treatments). I carry a pump during those 48 hours.

There is a pantheon of drugs and chemo involved. One of them is called 5FU, which I find appropriately named.

The second part, due to start in March, is chemo everyday with radiation for six weeks. Without knowing, I’m guessing this is the part that is REALLY going to suck, but as the 23rd Sappers in Afghanistan say in regards to any miserable situation, you “embrace the suck”. That’s what I intend to do.

The final part is just like the first part. Possibly still sucky, but I might have built a tolerance by then for all I know.

On the Home Front

Other developments, I’m still trying to find an apartment. The police say I can’t live under the I-17 Bridge anymore. Just kidding. I have a house with a roommate but am searching for my own place with two rooms so peeps can stay/visit.

I’m also going to set up a schedule for people who have offered to go with me to Chemoland and/or hang with me if and when it sucks.

Haven’t figured out an efficient way to do it yet, but so many offers have rolled in, it would be great to hang with anyone who wants to join. It was nice to have a couple friends with me today. Today’s treatment was five hours because they had to do a lot of talking to me, but I believe a normal treatment is two hours.

So far it’s been fun! Talked to a few cancer experts in there, both in the chair and working. Nice people. Got a feel for the place. Even got a foot rub, honest! Either that or an expensive foot rub with free chemo.

A talented friend helped me video document most of the day’s events. This will be an essential part of the story explaining how I hit one of life’s little speed bumps and had to downshift for six months before I went on to win an Oscar, a Grammy, and three Golden Globes.

Thank you so much for all your kind texts, calls, posts, and generous support.

Yours in gratitude,

Matt Fahey


My First Week of Treatment

January 29, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona.

First week of treatment was pretty easy. The side effects were too minor to mention.

Calls, emails, and texts came flooding in all week and reminded me how much I’m loved. It’s pretty easy to feel good about myself with friends and family like mine. Last night the site broke the $25k mark. I’m so grateful and thankful, that I need to look up a synonym in my thesaurus so I can tell you all how indebted and appreciative I am.

Many good things happened today, but the most “newsworthy” one (pun intended) was being asked to blog about my journey thru Chemo land on Huffington Post. When it rains, it pours. I’m excited for the opportunity to share my story. If people want to hear how lucky and happy I am, then they’re in for a treat.

Also, the site is up and running to raise money for my penis reduction.