Ass Aid 2013 Live (recorded)


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Hiker. Skier. Trail Maker. Fundraiser. Volunteer. Programmer. Webby. Talker and Listener Too. Co-creator of Actionplanr. Founder of Hware.


  1. You can comment about the live stream too.

  2. Cindy Harmer says:

    Im glad youre doing this. For those like me who are too far away to attend. I hope all goes well and you have a great time!

  3. Hi Chuck! I was hoping to make it up there today, but too much going on. Can you have Matt wave and say HI to Cindy? Have a good time!

  4. Barbara Linn says:

    Thanks all for the live stream. It was a hoot to watch. I especially enjoyed the dancers and the little boy in the striped shirt playing with Matt.
    It sure helped feeling like we were there. Fun and a good cause.

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