Ass Aid 2013 Live (recorded)

Ass Aid 2013 Promo Info

  You Can Join in the Fun by Donating Below                     Schedule     … [Continue reading]

My First Week of Treatment

January 29, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona. First week of treatment was pretty easy. The side effects were too minor to mention. Calls, emails, and texts came flooding in all week and reminded me how much I’m loved. It’s pretty easy to feel good … [Continue reading]

My First Day Of Chemo

Matt With Chemo Pump

January 22, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona. So far so good. Chemo started today. I feel fine. The side effects don’t start for a couple days. So if you’re concerned, I’m fine. If you’re not concerned, you can rest assured that I’ll have some … [Continue reading]