Cancer Research/Marathon Runner

A friend and Catch alum, Cris Graves, is running a marathon to raise money for cancer research in honor of a family member she lost to lung cancer. She could use a hand reaching her goal. I gave cause I can and it’s right. If you can lend a hand and feel it’s right, please do.;jsessionid=960325BE1723DBF82046A913C427E3A4.app271a?px=2821323&pg=personal&fr_id=2150

One degree of separation

My cousin's friend is battling cancer and could use a hand. I helped cause it's only fair that I pay it forward. So many strangers helped me. I'm down to help strangers for that reason. Please help if you can. Here's the link to her … [Continue reading]

Thank you. Stop with the money already…


Things have been great, and keep getting better. If you ever have the choice to tangle with cancer, choose to avoid it(sarcasm). It's a costly endeavor. The most costly part of my ordeal was the surgery and subsequent stay at the hospital. I don't … [Continue reading]

My 1st Cancer Vlog

Matt Fahey OPERATION T-Shirt

Since I work with video for a living, I figured I could do a quick and dirty cancer vlog. … [Continue reading]

Clean bill of health

Matt Stint

My blood work came back and my "tumor markers" are below normal, which means I've "responded well to treatment". Now I never have to talk about cancer again. It'll be like I never had it... Yeah right! I'm thinking of telling people that my … [Continue reading]

Treatment comes to an end… pun intended. Is Cancer behind me?… pun intended. I hope so, but it’s a waiting game now. And I turned 45 and spent a couple days with my Family. Blah Blah Blog.

Seb's first photograph of his brother and uncle. Sedona, AZ

On my birthday last year, I was embedded with the 23rd Sappers, on my first mission, "outside the wire". Insurgents were observed concealing an IED at our FOB's intersection with Highway 1 in Kandahar Province, on the border with Helmand. The 2nd … [Continue reading]


Me and Mike

Today was my first day of radiation. It didn't hurt, but it's a weird procedure. You get naked, lay down like you're going to get a massage, but they line you up with three dots they tattooed onto my hip area, and target the area where the tumor was … [Continue reading]

Here’s a BuzzFeed article about my situation and not being alone in need of fundraising help online.

High Altitude Relief

[Continue reading]

Finding Chemo Update

Only time I met Captain Phil Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie

Chemo Update Sorry to procrastinate my update. Cancer has become a full time job. For every cancer diagnosis, 5 trees are felled for the paperwork it takes to bill and inform them of their treatment. Besides treatment, I’ve been occupied moving into … [Continue reading]

Round Two of Chemo

February 11, 2012, Flagstaff, Arizona. Slowly coming out of my chemo haze. It probably wasn't so bad this time around, except I caught a cold which kept me confined to quarters for 2+ days. I'll probably head over to Fat Olives in a few hours to … [Continue reading]